Do have a catholic wedding do you have to get married Mother of the Bride Dresses in a church Best answer chosen by asker In order for it to be a catholic wedding and seen as a marriage by the catholic church, you must be married in a catholic church.Because of the strong stance the catholic church has on weddings, your friend cousin will not be able to perform the ceremony or even appear there as a priest unless it is in a church. I had some very Coloured Wedding Dresses dear friends of mine be excommunicated for"Living in sin"Because their marriage wasn performed in a church.They had it in a nondenominational chapel of a location that meant a great deal to them.It didn make any difference to the church.They were still considered to not be married. Your friend needs to decide what is more important, an outdoor wedding, or a catholic wedding. Catholics consider marriage to be a sacrament, a threeway covenant between man, woman and god.So catholic weddings almost always happen in a church, where the eucharistic lord is physically present. The only exceptions are emergency situations the bride is in the hospital due to a car accident or the groom is at his mother deathbed, so the marriage is performed in an alternative location. Catholic weddings are usually never held in a different location just because the couple wants a different aesthetic.For catholics, there is nothing more beautiful on earth than being in the presence of the eucharistic lord, so this is where we should want to be for our weddings. There are some outdoor chapels where the eucharistic lord can be brought, but if you don have one in that location, you should advise your friends to have the Lace Prom Dresses wedding in a church.



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