Homemade smoothie Pandora Beads Canada recipes Homemade Pandora Jewelry Store smoothie recipes 4 glasses Pandora Charms Sale of cold milk 2 cups vanilla the homepage here or blood low fat yogurt 1/2 cup strawberry flavored syrup Combine the 2 cups of cold milk with the bananas and blend until smooth and thick.Add strawberry syrup and yogurt by the spoonful until the smoothie reaches your preferred consistency.Blend on a low speed but later mixed throroughly.You can stop and stir the mixture in the the process to ensure there are no clumps of yogurt hiding at the bottom.Pour into a pitcher and then add the remainder of the 2 cups of milk and serve.1 preparing equals 1 cup.Becoming is for 8 servings, or four double amounts.I usually double becoming so there is some left for later.1 cup of fat free vanilla soft goodies or frozen yogurt 3/4 cup reduced fat milk 1/4 cup frozen orange juice specialize Add all of the constituents to a blender and mix over a low speed until creamy and thoroughly combined.1 small bowl equals 1 cup.Getting makes 2 servings.Ever again, i always double this so there is some left for later.

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